Solo Exhibitions

Julie Keyes, “Surf/Skate,” Sag Harbor, NY

Billboard Creative, Los Angeles CA

National Academy of Sciences, “Health of the Planet“, Washington DC
Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA

The Robin Rice Gallery, “Fashion, Animal, Sound“, New York, NY
Sara Nightingale Gallery, “Your Version, My Version“, New York, NY
Bloomingdale’s, “Health of the Planet Surfboards”, New York, NY

Marsiaj Tempo Galeria, “Health of the Planet” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arte Rio 2014,  “Steve Miller with Galeria Tempo”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bloomingdale’s, “Health of the Planet Surfboards”, New York, NY
LongHouse, “Rites of Spring”, East Hampton, NY

The Four Seasons, New York
National Academy of Sciences, “Crossing the Line”, Washington D.C.
Art Rio 13, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Galerie Rigassi“Health of the Planet”, Bern, Switzerland

Harper’s Books, “Saude do Planeta”, East Hampton, NY

Galleria Tempo, “Fashion Animal”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Gallery Maya, “Health of the Planet, London

Robin Rice Gallery, “Roots”, New York

Rose Art Museum“Spiraling Inwards”, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Hampton Classic, Prudential Chalet, Bridgehampton, NY

Galerie Lilian Andree, Basel, Switzerland

Raphael Rigassi Gallery, Bern, Switzerland

Universal Concepts Unlimited, “Neolithic Quark”, New York

Universal Concepts Unlimited, “Neomort”, New York

Hong Kong Arts Center, “Self-Portrait, Vanitas” China
Saks Fifth Avenue Project Art, “X-Ray Paintings”, Southampton, NY

Sagpond Vineyards, Sagaponack, NY
Karin Sachs Gallery, Munich

Centre International d’Art Visuels CARGO, Marseilles
Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix, Paris
Galerie Pour la Vie, CAPC Musée Bordeaux, “Vanitas”, France

Espace D’Art Brenne, “L’origine du monde”, Brigny, France

Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich, Germany
Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, New York
A.B. Galeries, Paris

Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York

Galerie du Genie, Paris

Fiction/non fiction, New York
Carol Getz Gallery, Miami, Florida

Josh Baer Gallery, New York
Galerie du Genie, Paris

Josh Baer Gallery, New York

Jack Shainman Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Josh Baer Gallery, New York

Times Square Electronic Bill Board, Public Art Fund, New York
Jack Shainman Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Bette Stoler Gallery, New York

Artist’s Space, “Back Office”, New York

White Columns, “Network”, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

Halsey McKay Gallery,  “The Glass Show”curated by David Kennedy Cutler, East Hampton, NY
M&M Fine Art, “Interior/Exterior,” Southampton, NY
Willoughby Gallery, “When I Paint My Masterpiece: Larry Rivers, Nathan Joseph, Steve Miller,”  Shouthold, NY

The Church Sag Harbor, “ Empire of Water,” curated by Eric Fischl, Sag Harbor, NY
Southampton Arts Center, “Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond”, curated by Colin Goldberg, Southampton, NY
School of Visual Arts, Flatiron Gallery, “Darwin’s Paradox: a Decade of Bio Art”, New York, NY

Mark Wilson Studio, “Landscape and Memory” East Hampton, NY
Southampton Arts Center, “Earth; Artists as Activists”, curated by Amy Kirwin,Southampton, NY
Kathryn Markel Fine Art, “Remerge” with NFT showcase, Curated by Heidi Lee

Guild Hall
, “All for the Hall”, curated by Robert Longo, East Hampton, NY
Southampton Arts Center, “Public Art Project; Outdoor Sculpture” curated by Eric Fischl, Southampton, NY
Drive by Art, “Drive-By-Art (Public Art in This Moment of Social Distancing)”, Sagaponack, NY
Robin Rice Gallery, “Fall Salon 2020”, New York, NY


NADA Miami, “Art Rug Projects”, Miami, FL
Kim Heirston Art Advisory, “Endless Summer Pop-Up Exhibition”, Bridgehampton, NY
R. E. Steele Antiques, “Midnight Oil”, East Hampton, NY

4Walls Gallery, “EARTH”, London, UK
Burchfield Penney Art Center, “Ten Years In”, Buffalo, NY
Robin Rice Gallery at Beacon Open Studios, “Spring Exhibition”, Beacon, NY
Cross MacKenzie Gallery, “STRATUM“, Washington DC
Madoo Conservancy, “NOT NATURE“, Sagaponack, NY

Sara Nightingale Gallery, “Soft Spoken”, Sag Harbor, NY
Robin Rice Gallery, “Summertime Salon”, New York, NY
LongHouse Reserve, “Rites of the Spring”, East Hampton, NY
Sara Nightingale Gallery, “Open Garden”, Sag Harbor, NY
Nina Freudenhein Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Southampton Arts Center, “Water Bodies”, Southampton, NY
Robin Rice Gallery, “Summertime Salon”, New York, NY
Musée le Carroi, “Les Invendus”, Chinon, France

Robin Rice Gallery, “Summertime Salon”, New York, NY
Sara Nightingale Gallery, “Entitled”, Water Mill, NY
TMC International, “An Exhibition of Works selected by Turid Meeker”, Sag Harbor, NY
Southamton Art Center, “East End Collected”,  Southampton, NY

Robin Rice Gallery, “Summertime Salon 2014”, New York, NY
Southampton Arts Center, “The Irrational Portrait Gallery”, Southampton, NY
Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, “Under the Influence”, Sag Harbor, NY
SciArt Center, “What Lies Beneath”, New York
Sotheby’s Paris, “Objectif Arbres”, Paris
Refinery Hotel, “Flora, Fauna, and Form”, New York, NY
ArtRage Gallery, “Stone Canoe/Vein 8”, Syracuse NY
Museo de Arte du Rio, “Slide”, Rio de Janiero, Brazil 

Broad Art Museum, “Sculpture Garden”, East Lansing, Michigan
Oi Futuro Ipanema, “Machinarium”, Ipanema, Brazil
Robin Rice Gallery, “Sumertime Salon”, New York City
Anne Fontaine Foundation @ Sotheby’s, “Trees in Focus”, New York City
Silas Marder Gallery, “The Big Show 8”, Bridgehampton, New York

The South Street Gallery, “EMERGE.LI 1st Annual Juried Exhibition”, Greenport, NY

MARCO, “World Cup”, Monterrey, Mexico
Shizaru Gallery,  “Bad for You”, curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody, London
Galerie Rigassi, “Dreams”, Bern, Switzerland
The South Street Gallery, “EMERGE.LI 1st Annual Juried Arts Exhibition”, Greenpoint, NY
Hampton Hang, “Mind Over Matter”, Water Mill, New York
Harper’s Books, “Group Therapy”, East Hampton, New York
Harper’s Books, “Open For The Stones”, East Hampton, New York
Robin Rice Gallery, “Sumertime Salon”, New York City

Galeria Mercedes Viegas, “Da Paisagem ao Geometrico” Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Rose Art Museum, “50th Anniversary Exhibition”, Boston
Terrence Joyce Gallery, “EMERGE 1.0”, Greenport, New York
Paris Photo, John McGuinnie @ Glen Horowitz Booksellers, Paris
Scope Miami, Keyes Art, Miami
Galleria Tempo, “Sao Paolo Art Fair”, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Prefeitura do Rio | Rio Tur, “Arquivo Geral”, Rio de Janiero
Sara Nightingale Gallery, “Pocket Calls to Nature”, Sag Harbor NY
Schneider Museum of Art, “Art/Science”, Ashland, Oregon
Centro de Arte Helio Oiticica, “Arquivo Geral”, Rio de Janero
Galeria Mercedes Viegas, “Da Paisagem ao Geometric”, Rio de Janiero
Glenn Horowitz Book Sellers, East Hampton, New York
The Burchfield Penney Art Center, “Moxie and Mayhem: Acquisitions for a New Museum”, Buffalo, New York
Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Little Red School House & Elizabeth Irwin High School,“LREI Art Auction”, New York
Long House Reserve, “ExCentricA: 2010 Gala Benefit”, East Hampton, NY

Pera Museum, “Octet”, Istanbul, Turkey
Howard Yeserski Gallery, “Deviant Specimens”, Boston, Mass
Visual Arts Gallery, “Octet: Codes and Contexts in Recent Art”, New York
Duke Theater, “American Rendition”, dance performance by Jane Comfort and Company, New York
Benson-Keyes Arts, “Up and Coming”, Southampton, New York
Christy’s Art Center, Artists Secret Society Guerrilla Exhibition, Sag Harbor, New York
Robin Rice Gallery, “Summer Time Salon”, New York City
SUNY Oswego, “American Rendition”, dance performance by Jane Comfort and Company, Oswego, NY

New York Hall of Science, “Imagination on Behalf of Our Planet”, ASCI, New York City
Artists’s Secret Society, “Hampton’s Guerrilla Exhibition”, Easthampton, NY
Islip Art Museum, “I Dream of Genomes”, curated by Janet Goleas, Islip, New York
LongHouse Reserve, “Container Exhibition”, Easthampton, New York
Robin Rice Gallery, “Summer Time”, New York
New York Hall of Science, “10th International Digital Print Exhibition”, New York Hall of Science, NY

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, “Brasil Des Focus: o olho de fors”, Rio de Janeiro
Robin Rice Gallery,”Summer Time”, New York
Nina Freudenheim Gallery, “Small Work”, Buffalo, New York
Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporanea “Coletiva 2007”, Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Christie’s, “Presentation D’ICONOfly”, curated by Olivia Bransbourg, Paris
General Electric Company, “A Delicate Balance”, curated by Victoria Anstead, Connecticut
Holasek Weir Gallery, “Summer Group Show”, New York City
Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, “Luxury Goods”, curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody, New York City
Robin Rice Gallery, “Summer Time”, New York City
Westport ArtCenter, “Neuroculture: Visual Art and the Brain”, Westport, Connecticut
Milk Gallery, “Drawing Gifts: 3rd Annual Benefit Auction for the Drawing Center”, NY. NY
Chez Christie’s, “OCONOfly, Quand L’Accessoire Devient Muse”, Paris, France

Parrish Art Museum, “Finders Keepers”, curated by Alicia Longwell, Southampton, New York
Burchfield-Penney Art Center,”Abstraction”, Buffalo, New York
Hampton Road Gallery, “Edge of Nature”, curator Graham Leader, Southampton, New York
Luisa Strina Gallery, “Colecoes IV”, curator Nessia Leonzini, Sao Paulo, Brazil
au Mus¬ée de la Mode et du Textile,”Le Cas du Sac”, Paris
Foundation pour L’art Contemporain, “Collection 2”, Paris
Claudine et Jean-Marc Salomon, “Collection 2”, Annency, France

Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporanea,“Colecoes IV”, curator Nessia Leonzini, Rio de Janeiro
The Academy of Sciences, “Reprotech: Building Better Babies”, curated by Suzanne Anker, New York City
Deborah Colton Gallery, “Touch and Temperature: Art in the Age of Cybernetic Totalism”, Houston, Texas
Bitforms Gallery, “Touch and Temperature: Art in the Age of Cybernetic Totalism”, New York City
Spike Gallery, “Reality Check”, New York City
RVS Fine Art, “Abstraction with a Twist”, curatored by Elga Wimmer and Lutz Rath, Southampton, NY

The Center for Photography at Woodstock, “Divining Fragments: Reconciling the Body”, New York
The New York Academy of Sciences,”From Code to Commodity: Genetics and Visual Art”, New York
The Graduate Center of City University of New York, “Genomic Issue(s): Art and Science”, New York

The Drawing Center, “25th Anniversary Exhibition”, New York
Cultural Center Metropol, “Dialogue Between Science and Art”, Ceske Budejoice, Czech Republic

Le Grimaldi Forum,”Mondial”, Monaco
Brooklyn Museum of Art, “Digital Printmaking Now”, Brookyln, New York
Universal Concepts Unlimited, “The Collector”, New York City
The Tang Art Museum, “Paradise Now: Creating the Genetic Revolution”, Saratoga Springs, New York
University of Michigan Museum of Art, “Paradise Now: Creating the Genetic Revolution”, Ann Arbor.

Exit Art, “Paradise Now: Creating the Genetic Revolution”, New York
Untitled (space), “Foreign Bodies, an intersection between art and medicine”, New Haven, Connecticut
Universal Concepts Unlimited, “R.E.D. (Remote Experience Dependency)”, New York
Middlebury College Museum of Art, “13 Alumni Artists”, Middlebury, Vermont
College of the Mainland Art Gallery, “Medicine in Art”, Texas City, Texas
Universal Concepts Unlimited, “Rounders”, New York
Prix Ars Electronica, “CYBERARTS 2000”, Linz, Austria

Equitable Art Gallery, “DREAMS 1900-2000”, New York
Frederieke Taylor/TZ’ART, “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes”, New York
Fine Arts Work Center,”Provincetown, 100 Years an Arts Community”, Provincetown

Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix, “Out of Portrait”, Paris
Central Fine Arts, “Modular Composite”, New York
Galerie Enrico Navarra, “80 Artistes: Autour du Mondial”, Paris

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, “Sous le Manteau”, Paris
Agnes b., “Autour de Roger Vivier”, Tokyo

China Club, “Autour de Roger Vivier”, Hong Kong
Elga Wimmer Gallery, “5th Year Celebration”, New York
Parsons Gallery, “Steve Miller and Joseph Nechvatal”, Paris
Eighth Floor, “Body, Trace, Memory”, New York

Centre National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble, “Morceau Choisis”, Grenoble, France
The New York Academy of Sciences, “Imaging the Body, an Artistic Diagnosis”, New York
The New York Academy of Sciences, “Autour de Roger Vivier”, Paris
Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix, “In Corpus Machina, Keith Cottingham, Steve Miller, Joseph Nechvatal”, Paris
Elga Wimmer Gallery, “The Portrait Now”, New York
National Museum of Contemporary Art,”Humanism and Technology”, Seoul, Korea
University of South Florida, “Logo non Logo”, Tampa, Florida
Dortmunder Kunstverein,”The Outside Inside Gertrude Stein”, Dortmund, Germany

Fordham College,”Gene Culture”, organized by Suzanne Anker, New York City
Threadwaxing Space, “Logo non Logo” organized by Robert Morgan and Pierre Restany, New York
Palais Benedictine, “Les Americains : 50 Annees de Peinture Americaine 1944 – 1994″, Fécamp, France
Galerie Philippe Gravier, “Mauvaises Nouvelles De Chine”, , Paris
Offshore Gallery, “Inaugural Exhibition”, East Hampton, New York
Elga Wimmer Gallery, “The Outside Inside Gertrude Stein”, New York

Kunstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Strasse, “Compkuenstlerg”, Munich
Galerie Karin Sachs, “Gedanken Skizzen Entwurfe”, Munich
The Drawing Center, “The Return Of The Cadavre Exquis”, New York
Shoshana Wayne Gallery, “Excess in the Techno-Mediacratic Society”, Santa Monica, California
Galerie Krinzinger“Excess in the Techno-Mediacratic Society”, Vienna, Austria

Musee Sarret de Grozon, “Excess in the Techno-Mediacratic Society”, Arbois, France

Elga Wimmer Gallery, “Byron, French, Miller, Solomoukha”, New York
L’Institut des Materiaux,”Art, Science et Materiaux”, Nantes, France

Galerie du Genie, “V.I.P.-Video-Image(s)-Peinture”, Paris
Carol Getz Gallery, “Gallery Artists”, Miami, Florida
fiction/nonfiction,”Hollywoodland”, New York
S. Bitter-Larkin Gallery, “Not Painting: Goldstein, Miller, Paik, Richter”, New York
Carol Getz Gallery, “Komoski, Miller, Minter”, Miami, Florida
White Columns, “White Columns 20th Anniversary Benefit Exhibition”, New York

Nina Freudenheim, “10 Gallery Artists”, Buffalo, New York
The New Museum of Art, “Chaos”, New York
fiction/nonfiction, “Invitational With Gallery Artists”, New York
The Hook Gallery, “Earth Remembered”, curated by Richard Mock, Brooklyn, New York
Wright State University, “Science/Technology/Abstraction”, Dayton, Ohio

Nina Freudenheim, “Twenty in New York”, Buffalo, New York
Tibor de Nagy Gallery, “Digital Explorations: Emerging Visions In Art”, New York
Josh Baer Gallery, “New York”, New York

Freedman Gallery, “Computer Assisted: the Computer in Contemporary Art”, Reading, Pennsylvania
Contemporary Arts Center, “Computers and Art”, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nina Freudenheim, “Dwyer, Jackson, Miller”, Buffalo, New York
Everson Museum of Art, “Digital Visions: Computers and Art”, Syracuse, New York
Bronx Museum of the Arts, “The 2nd Emerging Expression Biennial: The Artist and the Computer”, New York
Jack Shainman Gallery, “Group Show”, New York
Bess Cutler Gallery, “Paint/Film”, New York
Baskerville and Watson Gallery, “Art Against AIDS”, New York
Carl Solway, “Dreams of the Alchemist”, Cincinnati, Ohio
Simard Holm Gallery, “Group Show”, Los Angeles, California
Jack Shainman Gallery, “Group Show”, Washington, D.C.
The Mint Museum, “New York: New Venue”, Charlotte, North Carolina
Barbara Toll, “Monsters: The Phenomena of Dispassion”, New York
Gallery Casas Toledo Oosterom, “Art and the Computer”, New York

Colin De Land Fine Art, “Physics”, New York
Bette Stoler Gallery, “Layers of Vision”, New York
Rhona Hoffman, “Dwyer, Lemieux, Majore, Miller, Nagy, Tim Rollins and KOS”, Chicago, Illinois
CIPA, “Spiritual America”, curated by Collins and Milazzo, Buffalo, New York
curated by MOMA Advisory Service for the Gannett Company, “The New York, New York Show”
curated by MOMA Advisory Service for American Express, “Gold”
Colin De Land Fine Art, “Brown, Miller, Nagy, Suzuki”, New York
Gallery Association of New York, “New Drawing”, New York

Light Gallery, “The Comet Show”, New York
Josh Baer, “Dwyer, Spero, Majore, Miller, Lang”, New York
Bette Stoler, “Belcher, Jaffe, Majore, Miller, Pittu”, New York
Bronx Museum of the Arts, “Emerging Expressions: The Artist and the Computer”, Bronx, New York
Hallwalls, “Past and Future Perfect”, Buffalo, New York

Baskerville and Watson Gallery, “Bialobroda, Blair, Miller, Rosenberg”, New York
Riverside Studios,  “Between Here and Nowhere”, London
International With Monument, “Group Show”, New York
Baskerville and Watson, “The International Show”, New York
Philadelphia College of Art, “Behind Faces and Figures”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bette Stoler Gallery, “Ars Ex Machina”, New York City

Jack Tilton Gallery,”A More Store”, New York City
Artist’s Space, “Hundreds of Drawings Benefit”, New York
Protech McNeil Gallery, “Portrait For the 80’s”, New York
New Museum, “Language, Drama, Source and Vision”, New York
Brooklyn Army Terminal, “Terminal New York”, Brooklyn, New York
Burchfield Center, “Steve Miller and Brigid Kennedy”, Buffalo, New York
Bronx Museum of the Arts, “Shared Space”, Bronx, New York
White Columns, New York

Nina Freudenheim Gallery, “Nineteen in New York”, Buffalo, New York
Washington Project For The Arts, “The Ritz Hotel”, Washington, D.C.
Alternative Museum, “Visual Politics”, New York
The Drawing Center, “New Drawing in America”, New York
ABC NO RIO, “The Crime Show”, New York

The Drawing Center, “Selections Sixteen”, New York
ABC NO RIO, “The Positive Show”, New York

Burchfield Center, “Six Artists Under Thirty”, Buffalo, New York
The New Museum, “Dimensions Variable”, New York

Aldrich Museum, “Contemporary Reflections”, Aldrich, Connecticut

Albright-Knox Gallery, “Member’s Gallery”, Buffalo, New York

Albright-Knox Gallery, “Member’s Gallery”, Buffalo, New York