Universal Concepts Unlimited, New York, NY
November 13 – December 22, 2001

New York, NY


Universal Concepts Unlimited announces an exhibition of new works by New York artist Steve Miller, entitled “Neolithic Quark”, on view November 13 through December 22, 2001. Combining Chinese Neolithic art with images from atomic theory is the focus of “Neolithic Quark.” This painting project for Universal Concepts Unlimited documents a conceptual time-line from the earliest efforts of man to the current scientific investigations about the nature of matter.

Working with physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Miller collects data from the RHIC particle accelerator where the scientists are studying quark gluon plasma, the state of matter immediately following the Big Bang. In these paintings, Miller correlates the Brookhaven research data to human activity from the most primitive painting on Chinese pottery (some of which dates from 5000 B.C.). Naturally, painting is made from matter just as the pottery is made from the mud whose origins are being studied in the Brookhaven particle accelerator. Miller’s new paintings measure time from the Neolithic to the technical future. The exhibition will be accompanied by an artist’s booklet, Notes for Neolithic Quark, which will be available upon request.

Steve Miller has been working with art, science and technology since 1980. His work includes interior human portraits and still-life paintings produced with medical technology. One of his genetic portraits is currently on view at the Tang Museum in the exhibition “Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution.” His work was exhibited last summer at the Brooklyn Museum in the “Digital Printmaking Now” exhibition. Miller has shown extensively around the world in solo exhibitions at the Hong Kong Arts Center, CAPC Musée Bordeaux, Cargo Marseilles, Karin Sachs Munich, and AB Galeries Paris. His most recent solo exhibition in New York was at Universal Concepts Unlimited in March 2000.

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