Steve Miller - RorschachI started looking at Rorschach blots because it was somebody else’s piece of paint, not my own. I love that. I can appropriate another piece of paint that I don’t actually have to make. And then it was interesting because it was a scientific test so I wasn’t even responsible for the meaning.

The meaning was whatever the viewer projected on to that paint blot. And then I didn’t want to paint Rorschach blots so I thought about putting them on a computer, making silk screens and I printed them on canvas.

By removing myself from the process, not being responsible for the image, not being responsible for physically painting the image, and having the meaning be out of my hands: Somehow that was just a perfect way to keep painting going for myself.

From an interview with Marvin Heiferman, August, 2007 in New York City for the Rose Art Museum catalog Spiraling Inward, Brandeis University.