Steve Miller - PathologyThe beauty of these images is they were the biological, technological, scientific version of the Rorschach blots because I didn’t know what these images were and neither did anybody else unless you were a scientist.

The scientist sees the information. They identify the things in the image. This is the virus. This is the cancer cell. This is the healthy cell. This is the cell in the blood stream. They see all the technical identification.

The contemporary art viewer sees something that is more close to surrealism because that is their point of view. These kinds of images are the kind of images you see when there are crazy juxtapositions of unknown things. And in this case you can’t even identify the umbrella on the operating table. It looks completely abstract, and yet you are looking at something literal.

From an interview with Marvin Heiferman, August, 2007 in New York City for the Rose Art Museum catalog Spiraling Inward, Brandeis University