Artist Steve Miller publishes  Radiographic

By Julia Buntaine
Editor-in-Chief, 2018


From Radiographic: X-Ray Photo Inventions by Steve Miller copyright © 2017*, published by Glitterati Incorporated

Radiographic is hot off the press from artist Steve Miller, a “founding father” of the science-based art movement (and previously featured SciArt Magazine artist), who has been working with scientific imagery for over three decades. Highlighting his more recent work, Radiographic is a collection of Miller’s X-Ray-based mixed-media works, largely focused on the flora and fauna of the Amazon as part of his “Health of the Planet” series. Miller’s attempt to give an artistic “check up” on the Amazon resulted in dozens of beautiful and revealing images that he then incorporates into larger overlaid compositions with various species and household objects (and even sometimes onto surfboards and skateboards, too). Paired with other X-Ray-based images from throughout his ouvre, Miller’s work gives us an intimate portrait of the plants and animals most people usually only glimpse surface-level on Planet Earth; we see the insides of a snake, the architecture of flowers, and the swirl of see through swimming fish. With his wild color choices, thoughtful juxtapositions, and splashes of unabashed abstraction, Miller’s Radiographic is an impressive monograph by an artist that everyone in the science-art world should know about.

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