“Rites of Spring”

April 19th – October 11th, 2014

East Hampton, NY


A winsome provocateur, LongHouse continues to challenge our intellectual and cultural aesthetic by engaging us in conversation: What constitutes art and what constitutes science? Best exemplified through the Sci-Art movement, it speaks to the application of science in the creation of art. Da Vinci mastered it. Frank Oppenheimer’s Exploratorium celebrated it.

Contemporary multi-media artist, Steve Miller exemplifies it in his return to LongHouse with his Health of the Planet series. By focusing on the world environment, especially the Rain Forests of the Amazon in Brazil, Miller’s glass panels illuminate their plight, skillfully juxtaposing the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity, rationality and irrationality, reason and feeling; all hallmarks of his message and of the Sci-Art movement.


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iguana 2014


snake law of the jungle 2014