Jill Krementz’s Sagaponack Summer 2013, Part II

Excursions to the Houses of Artists whom Live and Work Nearby

Steve Miller is another artist to whom I made a studio visit. He lives on Sagg Road, just across the highway headed toward Sag Harbor. His studio, combined with his dwelling, is surrounded by beautiful flowers and shrubs.

The artist seated beneath his Protein Painting from 2011.  It’s hard to describe Steve Miller. He as as much a scientist as artist. Miller takes the invisible worlds of proteins and molecules and transfers them to a canvas prepped with paint and/or a digital photograph, a sonogram, an MRI, or a DNA code. Miller’s work is currently on exhibit at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. (August 5-June 13, 2014). He is also the featured artist at Art Rio, which is going on now and runs through September 8th.
Images of human protein based on the research of Nobel Laureate 2003, Rod MacKinnon. All of Miller’s work combines art and technology. Even though he tries to explain it, the neurons in my brain can’t keep up. But I do respond viscerally. That’s all that matters.
His art is displayed inside and out. This is a Steve Miller sculpture in his summer garden.
Steve with one of his books. This double page spread is a “fish bone” image of land clearing in the Amazon. In his bedroom, a John Chamberlain sculpture (1975) with John Chamberlain sofa.
Steve’s worn sofa with Chinese pottery from 500BC to 200BC, a small fraction of his Chinese Neolithic collection.
Studio assistant of 8 years, Becky Rosko, preparing lunch. She works twice a week at the studio and helps with the silk screening. Steve invites friends over every Monday for an informal lunch either in his studio or on the outside porch.

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