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The Floodlights: Fleeting Installations by East End Artists

August 28th, 2014


WEB_SteveMillerBoard“Black Selfie on White 016? by Steve Miller, 2014, installed at the “Surf Shack”. Long Board Diamond Tail Single Fin, 108 x 22.75 inches.

“Surf Shack” by Steve Miller at the Hampton Classic (Bridgehampton, NY)


“Surf Shack” brings a bit of surf and sand to the Hamptons Classic. The installation invites a laid-back attitude and place to escape from the fierce intensity of competition. To help with relaxing, there are eight surfboards with handmade (and applied) designs by Steve Miller.

Surfboards as art canvas is relatively new for Miller but a medium that he warmed up to in a hurry. Miller is known for art that makes use of X-ray technology and printmaking for work that entwine fine art and science, and, most recently, environmental concerns. His “Health of the Planet” series took Miller into the Rainforest and jungles to find endangered wildlife and plants for his work.

Continuing along these lines are x-ray compositions applied to surfboards. The boards are usable, said Miller, but he suspects they’ll be collected as art versus object. So far, Miller had made around 24 art surfboards. He is based in Sagaponack and New York City.

“Surf Shack” can be experienced on the grounds of the Hamptons Classic, held from August 24 – 31, 2014 at 240 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton, NY 11932. General admission is $10. The “Surf Shack” is sponsored byDouglas Elliman so don’t be surprised to find info on luxury homes mixed with the summer beach vibe.

WEB_SteveMiller2“Gator Green on Blue 013? by Steve Miller, 2014. 87.5 x 22 inches.

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