Focusing on the Photographers: Steve MILLER

 March 12, 2013

by Remi Onabanjo

A native upstate New Yorker, the prodigious Steve Miller has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the world of photography. Over the past 32 years Miller has not only presented more than thirty solo exhibitions at institutions in the United States, China, France, Germany and Brazil but also contributed to numerous magazines, including the Brazilian periodicals Istoé, Veja, Isto É and Trip. This international recognition is absolutely deserved as Miller is a pioneer of sorts in his profession, being one of the first artists to experiment with computers in the 1980s.

By utilizing specific X-ray equipment in accordance with his photographic equipment, Miller is able to capture various subjects, both living and inanimate, in a rather fascinating way. This singular way of picture taking not only arrests the viewer’s attention by revealing the multiple layers of life, but also shows the true intersection of science and fine art.

As an artist that thrives at the intersections of science and art, Miller is perfectly fit for the Anne Fontaine Foundation’s Trees in Focus photography exhibition, as we also dedicate ourselves to the merging of two seemingly different worlds. Furthermore, Miller’s present collaboration with the Brazilian brand Osklen to create a sustainable line of clothing aligns aptly with the nature oriented attitude that our founder possesses.

Miller’s most recent solo show, entitled  “Health of the Planet”, took place in Bern, Switzerland. We were especially interested in this collection, as it addresses the importance of “Brasilian rainforests [as] the lungs of our planet”. On his motivation to complete this particular series, Miller stated, “I decided to give Brasil a medical check up by taking x-rays of these lungs through flora and fauna.” Through these ethereal, stunning images, Miller communicates the importance of preserving the beauty of nature, a message that the Anne Fontaine Foundation wholeheartedly agrees with.

For the Anne Fontaine Foundation Trees in Focus exhibition, Miller kindly contributed a remarkle piece entitled Jungle. In explanation of this piece, Miller’s passion for the cause that we so strongly believe in surfaced. In the creation of his piece, Miller’s reflections show that this piece engaged him not only as an artist, with the process revealing to him “the ephemerality and interior beauty of Brazilian rainforests”, but also as a nature lover, because “creating digital X-ray images, in black-and-white, of threatened plants and endangered animals is my way of bringing the extraordinary beauty of Brazil’s biodiversity to the public…”

Anne Fountaine Foundation