Trees in Focus

By the Anne Fountaine Foundation

Published by Assouline, 2013


Founded by French-Brazilian fashion designer Anne Fontaine in 2011, the Anne Fontaine Foundation’s mission is to create a global initiative to reforest the planet, focusing first on saving and protecting Brazil’s Mata Atlântica Forest from extinction. Not only is this mission of the organization, but it is also a very personal mission for Anne Fontaine herself, who at age 17 lived with the Canela Tribe in the Amazon rainforest. Through art and fashion, the Anne Fontaine Foundation is committed to raising awareness so that one day the world’s forests will be rich and full again.

One of the Foundation’s first major awareness efforts is its upcoming 2013 Trees in Focus traveling exhibition, beginning March 30 in New York City, which will display stunning images of trees taken by a diverse and renowned list of photographers, including Martine Franck, Pamela Hanson, Evelyn H. Lauder, Peter Knapp, and Antoine Verglas.

Assouline is publishing the companion book to this exquisite exhibition, featuring 40 carefully selected gorgeous images from the exhibition, as well as an editorial by Brazilian environmentalist and politician Marina Silva.

The Anne Fontaine Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created in 2011 by fashion designer Anne Fontaine. Through the combination of environment, fashion, and art, the foundation aims to contribute to the reforestation of our planet and raise environmental awareness. Along with its initiatives, the Foundation associates local people with the reforestations projects and provides them with environmental education. Through its programs and solid partnerships with committed local associations, the foundation will ensure that one million trees will be planted and protected over the next five years. – See more at:




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