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Summertime Salon 2014

Curated by Robin Rice

July 2 – September 7, 2014



017 White Gator on Black Board 2014 Squash Tail Thruster 74 x 20.5"


The Robin Rice Gallery is pleased to present the annual Summertime Salon, a photographic exhibition featuring the works of the gallery artists. The opening reception will be held on Wednesday, July 2, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. The show will run through September 7, 2014.

Every year, the gallery owner curates the show to best exemplify the 56 exhibited artists’ strengths and aesthetics, remaining cohesively linked by Robin’s extensive knowledge of her artists and of photography. “This is my favorite exhibit, even though it takes months to curate and a week to install,” says Robin. “It is my curatorial showcase.” From floor to ceiling, the walls of the gallery rooms are a mosaic of nearly a hundred photographs, their various sizes, color schemes and subject matter expertly laid out to fit together like the pieces of an eclectic puzzle.

This year’s invitational image, “Beach Samba” by Patricia Heal, is a portrait of a woman in a large, orange-red sunhat, whose downward gaze obscures her face entirely. Blurring the line between photography and painting, the color palette and uniquely large grain pattern of the photograph is reminiscent of Georges Seurat’s pointillism technique, a result of Heal’s signature in-camera developing technique.

One of the most exciting parts of the summertime salon is the introduction of new artists and of new work by existing artists. One such piece, “Cloud Horse” by Benjamin Heller, depicts a horse powerfully rearing its head into the sky above, its dark mane propelled by its movement against the wind. The large, white markings on the horsehide emulate the clouds in the backdrop, while the photographer’s angle creates the illusion of life in the man-made horse.

Suspended from the gallery ceiling are two surfboards displaying images by artist Steve Miller, whose current work is an expansion of his previous solo show depicting various objects under an x-ray machine. The usable, hand-made surfboards display silk-screens and digital prints of the skeletal structures of Brazilian wildlife; the two surfboards used in the summertime salon display an iguana and an alligator, respectively.

 Participating Artists:

Ted Adams, Thomas Alleman, Victoria Amore, Craig Barber, Dorothee Brand, Todd Burris, Roger Camp, Charlotte Candau, Paul Christensen, Lynda Churilla, Lance Clayton, Christine Cody, Paul Dagys, John Dolan, Richie Fahey, Stewart Ferebee, Mindaugas Gabrenas, Barbara Gentile, Isabella Ginaneschi, Gladys, Ron Hamad, Cig Harvey, Kristen Hatgi, Jefferson Hayman, Patricia Heal, Benjamin Heller, Melissa Incampo, H. Nazan Isik, Pete Kelly, Haik Kocharian, Silvia Lareo-Vasquez, Greg Lotus, Penelope Mailander, TanyaMalott, Everett McCourt, Patricia McDonough, Micheal McLaughlin, Steve Miller, RJ Muna, Rosanne Olson, Brian Pearson, Bill Phelps, Jose Picayo, Lauren Pisano, Amy Postle, KimReierson, Robin Rice, Kevin Ryan, Laurence Salzmann, David Saxe, Zack Seckler, Keith Sharp, Mark Sink, Gordon Stettinius, Kathryn Szoka, Tina West, Harriet Zucker

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