Summertime Salon

JULY 19 – SEPT 10, 2017


Ruby Slippers, 2011, carbon inkjet on cotton rag

Guitar, 1999, carbon inkjet on cotton rag


The Robin Rice Gallery is pleased to present the annual Summertime Salon, a photographic exhibition. This year’s opening reception will be held on Wednesday, July 19, from 6 to 8 pm. The show will run through September 10, 2017.

For many, Summertime is a fondness brought on whilst relishing in the lingering mist of the crispy ocean breeze. Each summer, Rice curates her favorite show, The Summertime Salon, and transports us to a world where we can delve into this very summer sentiment. With its smells, sounds, and architecture New York City might redefine what we know as a summer’s day, but Rice, with her intricate curation, brings our classic understanding of summer to the city.

The two, long walls of the gallery are mosaicked, top to bottom, and from side to side, and photographs, are stacked to cover the gallery walls. Each year, the Summertime Salon matures and Rice’s annual masterpiece is revealed to showcase an exhibition stronger than the year before. The show is a haven of what the Robin Rice Gallery stands for, a community of art and experience. This annual exhibition allows for Rice to feature the works of the gallery artists as well as welcome a few newcomers.

The largest annual exhibition, the Summertime Salon is carefully pieced together, and the results are always breathtaking. The works of 51 gallery artists, all of whom have an individually distinctive style, come together to form a cohesive end product. Rice has a close relationship with the works of her photographers, and strategically curates and layouts out the show in a way that enhances each individual work. Details from one image will compliment the one that follows, until the works become one unit.

This year’s invitational image, Gralfex by Luciana Pampalone, features a woman dressed in all white, shielding herself from the blinding sun with a sunhat, secured to her head with a polka-dot harness, while preparing a vintage Graflex camera to take a picture. The image is generationally amorphous, it could be capturing a moment from just yesterday or we could be peeking at an era from the past. The relationship between the viewer and the subject is incredibly intimate, as if she is preparing to capture a moment beyond our boundaries of vision, but one that we are immersed in.

Participating Artists:

Ted Adams, Thomas Alleman, Nenad Amodaj, Dorothee Brand, Todd Burris, Roger Camp, Lynda Churilla, Lance W. Clayton, Paul Dagys, Richie Fahey, Stewart Ferebee, Mindaugas Gabrenas, Barbara Gentile, Isabella Ginanneschi, Gladys, Victoria Goldman, Sarah Hadley, Ron Hamad, Kristen Hatgi, Patricia, Heal, Benjamin Heller, Melissa Incampo, H. Nazan Isik, Pete Kelly, Haik Kocharian, Tanya Arianne Malott, Everett McCourt, Patricia McDonough, Micheal McLaughlin, RJ Muna, Rosanne Olson, Luciana Pampalone, Brian Pearson, Bill Phelps, Jose Picayo, Lauren Pisano, Dalton Portella, Amy Postle, Leonardo Pucci, Kim Reierson, Robin Rice, Kevin Ryan, David Saxe, Gesi Schilling, Keith Sharp, Mark Sink, Gordon Stettinius, Robert Stivers, Kathryn Szoka, Ron Tarver, Silvia Lareo-Vazquez, Farah Marie Velten, Tina West.

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