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“Flora, Fauna, and Form”

April 17th – April 21st, 2014

The Refinery Hotel, New York, NY




‘Flora, Fauna & Form: The Spring Thaw,’  curated by Beth McNeill and Kristin Miller, celebrates the arrival of Spring, the long-awaited savior.  Artists included are Chick Bills, Sean Capone, Jose Carlos Casado, Sally Egbert, Cara Enteles, Tapp Francke, Jerome Lucani, Glenn Marshall, Steve Miller and Jeff Muhs.

Artists who explore the organic and beautiful move the fantasy of reemergence of life into the forefront. Months of snowfall entombed New York in a vast expanse of white tundra with endless grey skies and thickets of tumbling flurries. This inability to see the earth, its flora and fauna, or feel the warmth of sunlight on our skin has left us yearning for a metamorphosis of seasons. Through painting, photography, mixed media and film the selected artists seek to recapture the human connection with our natural elements.

Steve Miller’s scintillating paintings reflect on the human connection with the amazon. Cara Enteles feminine paintings allude to beauty and sensitivity through hypnotic like flora. Chick Bills repeat patterns photographs highlight the complexity of naturally occurring behavioral evolution and our connect and disconnect with nature. Glenn Marashall’s video instillation gently manifests the unstoppable forces of nature. Jeff Muhs atmospheric abstract oil paintings on canvas resonate the beauty and balance we want to see in life. Tapp Francke’s neon words inflict a process of self-reflection. Sally Egbert’s collages on painting and paper echo the delicacy and allure of nature. Jerome Lucani’s H2O graphic color prints imply the simple yet highly complex essentiality of verve.


Refinery Hotel