Fall Salon 2020

Sep 4, 2020 — Dec 23, 2020


Fish Circle, 2011, digital UV pigment on aluminium

Banjo, 1995, archival carbon on hahnemuhle


After 30 years of only exhibiting fine art photography, the Robin Rice Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring a selection of her gallery photographers and three visual artists new to the space: Emil Alzamora, Erica Hauser, and Matt Kinney. The selected works of these well-established Beacon, NY artists blend with the gallery’s fine art photography. Upon entering the gallery, viewers will encounter figurative sculptures, abstract paintings, and ink wash drawings alongside fine art photography. Since Robin Rice’s move to Beacon, NY, this concept developed organically; the group exhibition is a fusion of artistic mediums inspired by chance encounters between Rice and friends at art events in Beacon. After spending time with creatives who’ve spent lockdown in studios, Rice carefully chose works most apropos with her edited inventory of framed photography. Through these chance encounters Rice found inspiration to create this exhibition unlike anything seen before at the gallery and curated an immersive experience.

Maintaining her expert aesthetic, Rice has brought together a mosaic of mediums that seamlessly fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Kinney’s collection of ink wash paintings in Japanese Sumi ink and watercolor paintings on hand-torn paper render fleeting glimpses of figures and animals as well as primal symbols. Tasmania Spiral is a hypnotic work that resembles a gyre. Also in focus is Hauser’s collection of abstract paintings featuring an alluring vintage color palette of acrylic paints. Butternut Stack (2020) uses cutout collage and Meditation: Goldenrod (2020) plays with resonant shape impressions reminiscent of Ellsworth Kelly and Josef Albers.

Alzamora’s striking paintings are accompanied by his figurative sculptures. Expressively designed, Arborist (2020), Geologist (2020), and Meteorologist (2020) resemble portrait paintings of faceless aberrations set in shades of green,brown, and blue. Black and white paintings, such as Around and Around (2019), were crafted using the artist’s fingers as opposed to the traditional brush. Together, the paintings reflect the artist’s sculptural approach and compliment Soliloquy, a 5-foot gypsum statue, which stands prominently in the installation space. Alzamora’s work is presented courtesy of the Krause Gallery.

Due to the city’s Covid-19 regulations, the exhibition will be the focus of bimonthly Saturday Salons. The first 10 people who RSVP through our email blasts will be able to attend each Saturday afternoon event. These events encourage connection — which we all need in times like these — and offer light snacks and drinks.

Each year, Robin Rice celebrates a Summertime Salon to showcase all her gallery artists. However, this past year the pandemic halted the tradition as businesses across New York City were forced to go on hiatus. To view the exhibition go to https://robinricegallery.com/

Participating Artists:

Emil Alzamora, Patricia McDonough, Robin Rice, Pete Kelly Encaustic Photography, Erica Hauser, Tina West, Micheal McLaughlin, Robert Stivers, Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi, Leonardo Pucci, Victoria Goldman, Bill Phelps, Patricia Heal, Kim Reierson, John Dolan, Paul Christensen, Luciana Pampalone, Cali Gorevic, Benjamin Heller, Jose Picayo, Steve Miller, Matt Kinney, Paul Dagys, Nenad Samuilo Amodaj, Kevin Ryan, Rosanne Olson, Thomas Alleman, Brian Pearson, Gladys, Keith Sharp, Lynda Churilla, Melissa Incampo, Lance W Clayton.

View the exhibition on Robin Rice Gallery website